Saturday, June 11, 2011

Celebrate The Summer Boy: Day 5 - Shorts!

Ok, so I'm a day late, but whatever. We went camping! First time with the little guy and it was a blast.

Back on topic; DAY 5! I have successfully created something summery for my little man for every day of this mini-summer-edition of Celebrate the boy, and man, am I pleased with my self! For day 5, I give you shorts, but not just any shorts, Flat Fronted Shorts with Pockets!

The pattern is by Dana of Made, the co-genius behind celebrate the boy. The pattern was a little odd to follow because it was an addition to an addition, the pockets to the shorts to the flat fronted pants which were a new version of the basic pants. However, if you have access to the interwebs, it's all simple enough. Also, my cheapy-cheapy theme (or it could be my reduce-reuse-recycle-theme) continues as these were made from a ladies flannel shirt I got from a clothes swap earlier this week. Boo-yah!

The little bum pockets were already on the shirt, and I sewed them shut so they wouldn't fill up with sand/rocks when he's playing. They're comfy-cozy soft because they're flannel, and they are nice and cool because they're cotton. Oh, and they look awesome!

Well, I hope to have at least one post this week, but I'm definitely feeling a bit sewed-out, so I'm taking a break. Yay summer!

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