Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bon Appetit mon petite Bugaboo!

Who could this be, but Chef Bugaboo! Oh dear, now it sounds like I'm accessorizing him. Meh, oh well, I guess I kind of am, but in a useful way. So here are the long ago mentioned photographs of the super snazzy apron and chef hat I made my little Jamie Oliver (I was going to put Gordon Ramsey, but that guy scares me).

The apron was no big deal, just cut out the shape it looked like it should be, threw on a pocket, edged it all in bias tape and looped more bias tape under the arms for the straps. I liked white for this, because it's so grown up on the little guy it just struck me as being rather droll!

The hat however, was a little fancier. I found a free pattern here and I highly recommend it. It was simple and turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. Both the apron and hat are cotton twill, something that is cheap and easy to use, but has a bit of wear and strength to it so the apron is functional and may last a little while (we'll see).

All in all, I'm very pleased with myself.

Along the line of thought of cooking with Toddlers, I have a happy little two part list for you! You'll have to wait until Monday for part deux, but today I bring you:

A Dozen or So Things to Do With a Toddler Indoors!

  1. Paint / Colour / Play Dough

  2. Puzzles / Books (there, now the really obvious ones are out of the way)

  3. Dance Party (you know, turn on a groovy song, pick up the munchkin and boogie!)

  4. Cook / Bake

  5. Visit a Museum / Aquarium (if you're lucky enough to live by one; you'd be surprised where you can find them)

  6. Go to the library

  7. Build a fort (can be as simple as throwing a blanket over the table, or as elaborate as rebuilding your entire living room)

  8. Hide and Seek (Boo!)

  9. Call Grammy (or whomever would enjoy it) Some mornings I just dial up the grandparents and give the little guy the phone and he takes them around the house. They all love it.

  10. Make your own music; harmonicas and ukuleles are fun little kid instruments, pots and pans are great, plus there's a lot you can do with recycling and dried beans (just to get you started)

  11. Go for an inside walk (the mall is good for this)

  12. Make an indoor sandbox; use a big Tupperware container and dump some dry rice (or some such) into it. Tadaaa!

  13. Play date / Tea party; if you're bored at home, chances are your friends with toddlers are too, invite some over.

  14. Write a letter, well, you write it and have the little ones decorate it, or if they're a little older, have them tell you what to write. Grandma will love it!

  15. Clean. With the little one, don't try to accomplish much, but let them enjoy vacuuming or take a few sections out of the swiffer and kid-size it. Dusting and laundry can also be fun for kids.

Now, I know that most people have figured this kind of thing out by the time their little ones are toddlers, and not much of this is revolutionary, but I thought it would be nice to have a little list just to check out in case there's something you hadn't thought of, or if you're like me and can think of these things while you're relaxed, but not when you're 2 year old is bored and you're losing it. These are for you! Also, please feel free to mention any Gold-Star-Goodies I may have missed!

Have fun!

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