Monday, August 1, 2011

happy civic holiday!

What a silly day. Not that I'm complaining about a day off because that's awesome, but one that's different for every Provence? Oh well, yay BC-Day!

In other news, my husband has been using our camera and has put it somewhere, so what I wanted to post will wait a few days, and instead I'll bring you and update on my dandy knitting projects. Ok, so still not finished that sweater for the Sew Along. No excuse really, other than I don't like finishing and tucking all the little ends in. However, I did finish a beautiful pair of little baby slippers!

Now, I don't actually know the gender of our baby, so I'm knitting a few things for a girl, and have a few pieces for a boy lined up too. These little sandals from Debbie Bliss's 'blankets, bears and booties' book were too cute and I really wanted the challenge. Challenge me they did and still I prevailed! There was definitely a point where they looked pretty mangled, but finish them up and stuff them each with a weeble (because I don't have any little toesies for them yet) and they turned out lovely!

I'm on the final sleeve of the matching sweater, so back to knitting I go!

PS. These were done in the fabulous sock-wool I picked up at the Belfast Fibre mill. My little guy keeps picking up my work-in-progress or the ball of wool and just stroking it, so I hope new-baby finds it as snuggly too!


  1. Hi I'm working on sandals but are having a difficulty with the left bootie from where do I rejoin yarn top or where stitches are on needle already. Then it says next row k9, bind off rem 26 I to turn work before knitting 9? I would appreciate help. Thanks

  2. Hi, I'm in Australia and don't have access to the book for the booties pattern. Is it at all possible if you could take a photo of it and email it to me at - I can't find it anywhere and would really love to make them please. Kind regards, Julie