Monday, August 8, 2011

my babies

I still haven't grasped the idea that there will be two soon. TWO! Not soon enough (and I'm sure there will be times in the very near future where I wish one (or both) of them were back safely inside my belly, but for the moment, I just want to meet my little one!).

Anyhow, to help me stand the wait, I've been trying to keep busy, but it seems the only thing I can really get into that doesn't wear me out, is knitting. Not that I mind though, I have about a billion projects I want to do, and I know how much time you get to sit with both hands free after a new baby (zero), so I'm in it. Now, as previously mentioned, our local hospital won't tell you you baby's gender and we ain't forking over the money for a 3d ultrasound when we can just wait a while and find out on our own, so I'm happily stitching up an outfit for a girl, and a boy. With the completion of this:

I have finished my little baby girl ensemble (remember the booties from this post here, they go with this). My super snugly baby-boy get-up is on the needles, but is moving much much more slowly (cables, man I was feeling ambitious). I'm using the same yarn because I couldn't find another soft, sock-type yarn that I liked as much as my leftovers. It really is beautiful stuff.

Oh, and for my bigger baby, I have a sweater in the works as well. I'm using my grey wool from Briggs & Little, so it's not so soft, but man is it gonna be warm. I hope it will be nice for him this winter. I also hope I have it finished by this winter. I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, what with season sensitive clothes and them kiddies growing out of them so fast, but that's just how I am.

And biting off more than I can chew brings me to my next thought, although it wasn't really my fault. You see, my little man just turned two. It was the first birthday party I was hosting. I had dreamed of hosting birthday parties (and still do) for my kids at all ages, and years ago, I thought that the perfect theme for a two year old party would be a Teddy Bear Picnic! Plus, there's a little clearing just beside a small woods out back of our houses that would have been perfect. Well, without getting into too much, me being pregnant cut my schemes (and decorations and cooking, etc) in about half and the weather made us decide the morning of (I really didn't want to have to make the call) that we would have to host the dozen kids plus mommies and daddies in our teensy tiny house.

I'd say it was a HUGE success (on the grounds that Bugaboo, who is pretty into birthday parties already, had the time of his life)! Everyone was super kind about not mentioning how crowded and psycho it was, the kids were playing really well with each other, watching out for the few little guys crawling amidst the chaos, all my baking that I got around to actually doing (cookies, tarts and of course cupcakes) got eaten and it was a lot of fun. My original big plan was dwindled down to just a cute little picnic-treat spread and then the cupcakes. And from there we just bought a 1/4 lb bag of balloons from Walmart and filled the house. Best party ever! Bugaboo is still talking about it (and still singing 'happy birthday to ME!').

Oh, and for his actual birthday, my husband (aka super daddy) took the day off work and we just did things we knew Bugaboo liked, like go down to the marina and play.

Rocking some dance moves he picked up from Grampy.

Practicing his giraffe walk.

Yay Family! (the colour-coordination was purely a fluke, I promise)

So yeah, we've been having fun and time has been moving just a little bit faster. Still can't wait though...

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