Monday, March 25, 2013

octonauts, to the launch bay!

We have a new love in this household.  While vacationing at my parents over Christmas, Bugaboo discovered the marvelous Octonauts.  Anyone who regularly watches Treehouse knows what I'm talking about.  To everyone else, it's an adorable tv show aimed at toddlers based on the book series of the same name about eight animals who live in an underwater base and have adventures with the animals around them. "Explore, Rescue, Protect!" is their motto (I love it), plus the kiddies get learn a lot of stuff about sea-creatures.  Anyhow, my point, is that while we usually have way too many toys in the house, just after Christmas we are well beyond capacity.  So when we're playing with lego and my little man starts asking me to build him some octonauts, I decided to make him some octonaut lego.

 It was incredibly simple, I just found eight different coloured lego blocks,
 Printed out a picture of each of the crew,
 And taped them on to the blocks.
 (I have since re-sized and reprinted them so there was nothing hanging over the edges)
 But they shape up to a pretty cute crew!
 And for about 15 minutes of effort, my little guy has a new toy that didn't cost anything, and doesn't take up anymore space than it already had.


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  1. This sounds like something that my mum would have done when I was a kid.