Thursday, August 20, 2015

Time Travel - Back to the Real World

Two years!

Wow, life has been happening, and changing and we've been riding the wave, but with this back to school season things seem to be craving routine more than usual, and here's a favourite place of mine to lay it out on the line.

On top of my oldest boy going back to class and into grade one, my little girl is heading off to preschool. And as if that's not enough, my partner in crime is going back to work after a ten month leave because (buh da da daaa!) we had another baby!

Life is wild right now, which has been a blast this summer, but it just won't work come September, so I have a major organizational overhaul to undertake.  The biggest catalyst (other than the fact that I am a compulsive planner and listmaker, especially when under stress) is that my kids are growing up too fast! Bugaboo is in Grade One! How did that happen?  I'm realizing that keeping my nose to the grindstone and making it from day to day is not enough. This is our life, the few years we'll all share as a family, and there are things I want to do with this precious time. I want it all, and for that, I'm going to need some planning.

I found, quite by mistake, a really concise image that encapsulated this kind of planning for me in a local outdoor living type magazine. It's a calendar-wheel that balanced gardening and skiing according to the season.  I knew I wanted that, so I penned down a few lists (see, I'm all about the lists) about what I want to do with my time now and what my long term dreams are.  Put down like that, it's easy to weigh what I want in my life with how I spend my time (ie maybe a little too much on pinterest). Anyhow, I've kept that chart in mind these last few years and realized how much I crave balance in my life. And again, like I said, this needs a plan!

So coming up on the night before school, I'm doing a brief series on my plans for organizing, well, just about everything.

Should be interesting.

Take care!

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