Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yellow Button Maternity Top by Katie (blah, what a mouthful)

Well this is what I've got! My shirt is all finished, and photographed and entered. I've been really excited about the 2011 Spring Top Sewalong, not because I'm worried about winning, it's just fun to have something I designed and made being seen by others alongside some really fantastic seamstresses! Thanks to Rae for hosting this super fun event (and prompting me to make myself a nice new top) and to everyone who has written me kind comments on flickr. They really mean a lot to me! Alright now, this is what I did.

I started out with a picture (actually a bunch, but a lot of them were kind of wacky), then I figured out the steps I'd have to take to actually make it. I opted to keep my design simple. Usually I go crazy, and then try to find a pattern that resembles the structure of my garment, and then bend it to meet my nefarious schemes, but I wanted to try to create something all of my own this time.

Once I got down to sewing, things went exactly opposite to what I had planned. Everything I thought would be an issue normally worked out easily, and the things I thought I had covered normally were riddled with bugs! For example, because I had no pattern, I wasn't 100% sure on some shapes, such as the neckline. My plan was to cut a bunch of shapes out of my plain cotton I was using for lining and see what came together the best, and as it turned out, got it first try.

And then silly things I had done before like using ribbon to edge a piece, but sewing it in between the lining and the fabric, I kept having hiccups! Anyhow, with only one major change in my plans (which was the use of an elastic to gather at the front), here is the finished product!

I'm really proud of this. While it's not perfect, it fits with my life and who I am, which is that it's simple and I can find satisfaction and happiness in it. So from my cozy life, I bring you my cozy top.

Oh, and a happy belated mothers day to all!

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