Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrate The Summer Boy: Day 1 – Picnic Pack

Wheeeeee! I'm so excited that Dana of Made and Rae of Made by Rae have decided to throw an extra little dash of their super awesome Celebrate the Boy series into the summer. Honestly, that's what got me into blogging in the first place. And while I was more than willing to wait until next March to join in the fun, a summer mini-series=woohoo!

So for my marvy little man, I've got 5 fun sunny new projects! Here's the first, which I will admit I did up a few weeks ago, but it is for my boy and it is for the summer, so it totally fits the bill.

Basically, here's what it is. They have in the last month opened three new parks in our subdivision (we are lucky, I know). Anyhow, I've noticed a little hole in our lives which could be filled with a sewing project (oh joy of joys!). Having a almost 2 year old boy, snacks are what make the world go round. But the park isn't really an easy place to let a little guy eat, because he like to put things down and tip containers over etc. Sadly, our Loopa bowl was loved to death (still planning on ordering a new one), so we needed something. For a while now I've been wanting to make one of these:


It's a toy pack that folds out to be a playmat. Made by Amy of Sweet Magoo's genius sister.

Well, why can't it be a snack pack that doubled as a picnic cloth? It can! I simply added a layer of waterproof material between the cotton inside and outside (so and spills don't leak out, or any yucky from the ground gets in) and voila!




And he loves it! He brings it everywhere we go, and wants to wear it all the time.

clip_image006So I'm gonna make up a few more in different colours and trying different types of waterproofing. We'll see how it works out. Also, while some might notice the potential for gender neutrality here, let me tell you how hard it is to dig up some 'boy' fabric in our local 'little-old-lady' fabric store. I'm very excited that my #2 (still under construction) might be a girl, because the floral and cute vintage-type fabrics are bountiful, however it's slim-pickings for them boys. Well, this is what I call a success, and am sewing away on a few more.

Well, with 5 projects on the go (not to mention the Summer Sweater Knit Along starting up soon; gotta finish that baby-blanket first!), I have some serious sewing to dive into!

PS I'm listening to Newton Faulkner right now, and he's wonderful. If you enjoy Jack Johnson at all, or just appreciate some snazzy guitar playing, I highly recommend him.

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