Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrate The Summer Boy: Day 2 - Strong Man Tank

I love love LOVE this tank! I'll be honest, it was very difficult for me to work with knits here, however, I did it and I'm pleased with what we've got. I think one of my favourite parts is that I started with a $3 Joe Fresh T-shirt; yay clever me!

I saw it done by Muthase on elsie marlie's Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and was awed. It is so clever (and so perfect for my skinny little man)! It's a little cool outside today, so we took all of our pictures indoors (...ahem...please excuse our messy house).

(this is his "strong man pose")

Well, without too much more to say, here's a few more pictures!

(apparently he's having a Dr Seuss day)

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