Tuesday, April 30, 2013

daydream adventure gear


Introducing 'Daydream Adventure Gear' (like my logo?).  I've decided to start selling some of the things I sew, and here's the official launch!  Although, consider this more of a soft opening, with a grand opening to follow (once I get  sorted; I'm new at this).  So, while I have seventeen and a hundred plans and designs floating around my head, I don't have a precise inventory so to speak.  However, within the next week or so, I hope to be a bit more streamlined.  However, I get ahead of myself.

What is Daydream Adventure Gear?

Well, it's a collection of uniquely designed hand crafted children's items.  The key element behind all of the pieces, whether they be clothes, toys or accessories, is that it must be something simple, that can lend itself to a child's imagination rather than taking over and limiting their creativity (um, although, the clothes are really just clothes, but they're clothes that I designed!). My fancy-schmancy mission statement is: "To create high quality hand crafted children’s products that appeal to both children and adults because of their simplicity and uniqueness of design, which inspire, not confine creativity, to make imaginative play limitless."  Basically, we're talking about the opposite of video games and electronic toys that govern the play.  Something a little more old-school.

I already have some lovely new items all sewn up, ready to be photographed, so off I go.  New news soon!

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