Friday, September 9, 2011

feeling good about growing

So I'm due in two weeks. I'm sad that I haven't had it in me to post anything and have no solace in knowing that it will get worse before it gets better. However, life is exciting and it's becoming even more so as the few remaining days pass before I get to meet my new little darling.

And if a new baby isn't exciting enough, we've finally been offered a bigger house so a move will be in the works over the next month too. Whew.

The end of September and our new baby has been something I've been excited about for such a long time, that as it approaches I'm reminded of all the other things I love about fall! All the beautiful leaves (which we don't actually get here, but I think of them and I'm happy), the cool weather, the harvest and all the fun celebrations that go with it.

Now, with a new baby, and a move on Thanksgiving weekend (who thought that was a good idea?), it will be a meek and mild harvest-time party round these parts, but one little feature will make it more special than ever. This year at our big dinner, my little man and I will be able to share the literal fruits of our labour; food from our garden! The snow peas have been saved and the squash has been picked and will be ready to join the feast. I haven't quite worked in how to incorporate the tiny tomatoes, but they're coming out of the garden by the bowlful and will make an appearance somehow. So yeah, the onions and watermelon, although they didn't exactly die, didn't work for us this time, but I am thrilled that we were able to share this whole experience and that our hard work rewarded us with treats to share and a deep satisfaction of growing a garden. A simple thing, but it connects us with a simpler time, with anyone else who's gardened for a lively hood or just for the love of it, and it is something I'm finding to be profound.

My two year old probably doesn't get the depth I've found in this little garden of ours, but it's an experience we can share year after year (and I intend to), and a passion I hope he will find on his own. And to make me feel even better about myself, I stumbled on a little project encouraging people to garden for the benefit of themselves and the environment, which made me say "yay! I did that!" So as I grow (and grow and grow) I'm also feeling pretty darn pleased about the growing my little Bugaboo and I have done this summer too!

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