Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So here I am blog-world! Lets see what we can do. Luckily, I start this blog at the same time I'm starting so many other things, such as picking sewing back up again, a new knitting project and (ba-da-da-DA) a garden!

It's spring and unlike in eastern Canada, where I grew up, here out west, spring is actually a warmer sunnier time than winter, and I can actually get my garden growing. So far, we're working with a raised garden (in an attempt to dissuade the bunnies), that my marvelous husband has built for me.

I've started filling with layers of cardboard, newspaper, hay, compost, and then more hay. The dirt is a bit of a holdup, because we're borrowing the trailer to haul it in, and so we are at the kind whim of our trailer-owning-neighbor.

However, my tomatoes are planted and looking very trim, and my onions are germinating in my entertainment centre (it's just so nice and warm (and baby-proof) in there). Oh, there is also a sunflower that Bugaboo has planted and diligently waters every day. I don't really know it's future yet, but I'm excited that it is growing anyways (he stands in front of it every time he waters it and says "grow, grow, grow").

Hopefully I'll have another project or two lined up for later this week. I'm in the final stages of knitting a baby blanket for my brother-in-law's baby girl due at the end of the month (which I've been working on since November, gaaaa), and I have some mischievous plans for new cooking attire for my Bugaboo. Oh, also, I have a craft group that once a month we all draw names and make a little something to mail out to each other. I just got my name for April and the wheels are a-turning coming up with a fun gift.

Well, I best get to work then!

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