Monday, July 1, 2013

beach time baby!

Happy Canada Day!

And while it's officially been summer for a week or so we are finally feeling it!  I've been wanting to make some of these up for a while, so I'm happy to finally have gotten a chance to do some up and take them for a test run.

Woohoo, beach ponchos!

Actually, I was thinking more of a pool poncho.  You see, after swim class, we normally warm up by sticking our toesies in the hot tub (my guys are too little to be jumping in entirely) and then I try and wrap them up in our towel as best I can.  The towel doesn't really stay on them well and always gets wet, so I made up some towel ponchos.  Unfortunately, Bugaboo got an ear infection so we missed the last swim class, however, these work just as well at the beach or waterpark.

Bugaboo wanted a dinosaur...

(he makes a pretty good dinosaur, stomping along the beach)

And for Little Bean, I decided a jellyfish (she's pretty easy going).

Hope they get lots of chances to use them this summer!


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