Friday, December 30, 2011

revolutionary resolution revelations

...well, perhaps less than 'revolutionary', but how could I pass up a dandy alliteration like that? How!

I'm currently on the cusp of the new year. It's early in the morning on the 31st (like, 12:15am, not 5am or anything; that's just crazy), and I'm feeling thoughtful. Later on today, we'll celebrate the end of 2011, and bring on in 2012, and maybe this year I'll make a resolution or two. I don't normally, but when better to take a look at life and decide if I like where I've been and where I'm going (well, 12:15am may not be the ideal time, but whatever).

I'll spare you the inner workings of my mind and simply say that I am surprised to report that I am happy with my life. Simple, but profound. To be happy isn't always an easy thing for me, not when there's something I could be worrying about, but increasingly, as I settle into my life who I've grown up to be, understanding what it is to be a wife and a mother, that's where I'm finding, that I'm happy.

So on that note, I'll pledge to better organize my time, lose weight, keep my house clean, be more productive and go to bed on time (oops), and when if I fail to achieve these goals and 2012 turns out to be pretty much a repeat of 2011, I'll be ok with that.

So thank you to my marvelous family, my amazing children and wonderful husband for filling my cozy little life with such joy.

(incidently, it's been 5 years)

God bless and have a fabulous 2012!

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