Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Less an update and more a promise, because sadly we have yet to attempt to make a batch in our snazzy new doughnut baking pan. We picked it up a week or so ago. Well, actually, my Dad found it and being whimsical and thinking it would be fun to do with Bugaboo (and that 'Doughnut-es' are our little boy's favourite thing ever) we went for it! I have found new motivation to give this a whirl because once again, have posted parallel to my own goings on.

In other news, for our cold Canadian winter months, Bugaboo and I have moved our gardening aspirations to the indoor-type variety. We tried to sprout an avocado seed, you know, suspended in a glass of water by toothpicks. Well, attempt once was fail, so after our next grocery trip and more avocados are eaten (yum yum guacamole!) we will try again. I think we might have had it upside down.

Oh and finally, Halloweening with my two babies was a blast! I try to make their costumes, but this year (new baby and all) that was out of the question. Actually, for Bugaboo, we couldn't even find a costume to buy. However, Grammy came to the rescue suggesting that his snazzy Chef's attire (and he totally wears the hat when we cook) would fit the bill. He looked great, had a blast, knocked on every door and refused to say 'Trick-or-Treat" to any house but our own. I love Halloween; doubly so now that I have kids!

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