Friday, July 22, 2011

garden jungle update

So while we were away on vacation, a friend of mine came over to water my garden for me. Assumably she also danced around it witch-doctor style or performed top secret botanical experiments because I left her to care for this:

And she somehow turned it into this:

By the way, this is not me complaining; it's fantastic! I've (as previously mentioned) never had a garden or even grown anything successfully ever! I to have a commendable track record for keeping cacti alive, and that's where it ends, but not this time. Just look!

Snow Peas!


Holy squash batman!

Even the watermelons that were dead when I left have come back to life!

And while the garden is a great joy for me, seeing it bursting out of it's little wooden confines, fussing in it in the cool morning while Bugaboo plays in the yard, showing him how the little plants grow; it's nothing compared to the joy and pride I get in feeding my little man yummy treats we grew together, picked fresh off the plant. It's absolutely wonderful!

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